The Clearing- energy healing

Begins with a traditional body palming sequence to relax the body and quiet the mind. Emphasis is on balancing the subtle energies using gentle pressure and the ‘laying on of hands’ Reiki and energetic healing is combined to bring peace and tranquillity and to promote healing. Brings a meditative and peaceful connection to self .

0.5hr - $45
1.0hr - $80
1.5 hours $110
(includes massage as discussed).


Uses the body’s innate healing wisdom to gain accurate information about the body via muscle testing. The body then chooses its own correction which involves body, mind and, or spirit. A perfect tool to use in conjunction with attaining your goals.

1.5 hrs $110

Australian Bush Flower Essences

100% customised tincture taken morning and night for 4 weeks. This will assist you to let go of, or bring into, your life elements which are most relevant to you.

Perfect little potions...

Consultation and Tincture $20