reconnect signature treatment

A blend of eastern and western techniques which focuses on the individual to provide a personalised journey to reconnect with the self.

Drawing on a culmination of learning and skills acquired over more than 2 decades, the signature treatment combines a range of techniques which bring stillness and serenity to your body and its senses. An initial consult provides a recommendation of which method, or combination of methods, will best serve you, relieve tensions and restore you to your optimal well being. Modalities drawn upon will include remedial and relaxation massage, Chinese cupping, Kinesiology, Energy healing and Australian Bush Flower Essences.

2 hours - $160

The Treat

The perfect combination to calm and balance a busy mind and relieve tension from the whole body, with special attention to the neck and shoulders. The Treat includes a neck, shoulder & scalp massage, a foot bath & scrub, foot & lower leg massage as well as massage for the hands and arms.

1 hr $80 1.5 hours $110

Tell me more

Take advantage of the extensive reconnect treatment menu and my ability to flow from massage to facial to, well... whatever you choose. Draw upon anything from the menu to create the perfect treatment for your self. 

Book an appointment time and choose your treats on the day.

2 hour minimum duration POA


Do you wish that someone could just feel where your tight spots are and massage them out? Then this is for you. A massage session customised to suit your self perfectly. The massage is strong as well as gentle, kneading out tensions, soreness and stiffness to create space, length and stillness in the body, mind and soul. After massaging for many years, my hands are naturally drawn to the ‘spots’ which need bodywork and a range of techniques are applied to provide relief and relaxation. Let’s talk about what works for you…

30 mins - $50 1 hour $80 1.5 hours - $110

~ Health fund rebates available for remedial massage sessions.

Traditional Chinese Cupping

Cupping is performed by introducing heat into a glass cup and placing it immediately on the skin. The vacuum created produces a suction effect that increases blood circulation to the local area, relaxes muscle tissue and releases the factors causing pain.

Traditional practice and experience recognises the ability of cupping to move vital energy and correct internal imbalances, as well as to clear the effects of muscular injury and climatic influences such as wind and cold. This therapeutic method has been practised by both medically trained and household practitioners in most parts of the world for thousands of years. Cupping is a universal therapy. It has been and continues to be practiced in every culture throughout the world.

30 mins - $50 1 hour $90
~ Can also be incorporated into other treatment sessions, please ask...