reconnect with your self:
a sincere understanding and passion for wellness + healing, a focus on connecting physical, emotional and mental well-being in today's bustling, busy lives...

About me, Tanya Barker:  I am qualified in Remedial Massage Therapy and Beauty Therapy, Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Cupping, Reiki and Australian Bush Flower Essences. 

My work comes naturally to me. When I treat a client and they open their eyes at the end of the session and tell me that they can't describe how amazing they feel, I know I have done my work well...

Qualifications and study aside, most importantly I have more than 20 years experience and an absolute love for what I do. Being able to incorporate remedial therapy and energetic rebalancing into a treatment in such a way that it feels calm and relaxing brings me great pleasure as clients can both unwind and heal at the same time.

Each treatment session is personalised to suit you.

Tanya Barker, Founder & Therapist
Byron Bay + Gold Coast