The reconnect therapies combine traditional and contemporary techniques in a natural manner and are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to meet the needs of each individual. Treatments can be customised to your preference.




Respecting the uniqueness of each individual is the foundation of the soul experience at reconnect with your self. As a highly trained therapist, Tanya's approach encompasses all aspects of wellbeing, not just the physical.  
Esoteric healing and inesiology are just two of the offerings... 




The facial treatments use a range of organic, ecologically sustainable products. The treatments have been designed to rejuvenate, hydrate and brighten the skin.  All facials start with a consult to ensure optimum results and customisation. 




Combining elements of pressure based and relaxation massage to give balance and relaxation, our foot treatments improve circulation and relieve achy feet at the same time leaving you with feet that are fresh and invigorated. 




Our prenatal treatments are especially modified to suit all stages of pregnancy. Please allow Tanya to guide you in selecting which elements are most suitable for you during this special time. 




Revitalise your body and experience rejuvenation from head to toe.  Our packages  are designed to hone in on you and the needs of your body, mind and soul to give you the most beneficial results. All packages are modified to suit your needs.